Making a Papier Mache Plane

In an attempt to avoid the midday sun whilst not giving in to the temptation of putting the TV on to provide entertainment, T and I decided to try and fashion a papier mache plane out of the general rubbish we have in the house.

As is often the case I was completely unprepared for this but having a scrawl through the cupboards, I found an almost-empty egg box and some party balloons.

A scrambled egg lunch later and we were in business. T’s favourite colour is red so we settled on making an Air Asia plane.

I had the vision in my head, it was going to be exactly like this…

air asia plane

This was going to be brilliant!

So after some initial failed efforts of balloon twisting and half a roll of sellotape, I was surprisingly impressed with how the initial efforts came out.

papier mache plane

Now to get this plane messy with the papier mache. A bit of PVA glue, water and cut up newspaper was all we needed, it took quite a lot of the stuff to get in all the nooks and crannies but T had a great time coating the plane (and himself) with the papier mache. About 10 minutes later we’re done and on to the balcony, the sloppy mess goes. As usual, it’s about 35 degrees outside so it was never going to take too long to dry.

papier mache plane

Despite the superheat, T couldn’t quite grasp why it wasn’t dry within the first five minutes of putting it outside, I tried to explain about the copious amount of glue he had just soaked the plane in, but it fell on deaf ears!

The next morning, it was rock hard and we were ready to go again!

Let’s remind ourselves of the vision…

air asia plane

And now its time for the fun bit, the painting…

papier mache plane

Very quickly we have a completely white plane, T isn’t bored yet and my vision is coming along very nicely. Things are going well!

20 minutes of baking sun and it’s bone dry.

All we need now is some red paint, a fine paintbrush for the detail and a bit of patience and discipline…

The slight problem is ‘Three year old’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Discipline’ rarely find themselves said in the same sentence.

Within less than a minute, T has grabbed the great big chunky paintbrush, ran it up and down the top of the plane a couple of times before announcing he’s ‘finished’.

AKA ‘bored!’

Despite my pleas to get him to come back to the table, he’s long gone, along with my vision.

What started on the path towards an Air Asia plane…

air asia plane

Has ended up looking like some murderous, bloodied, Chinese throwing star!

painting plane

I can’t quite bring myself to be that parent who finishes their kids work for their own benefit.

But it’s killing me a bit inside.

…. at least T had fun!

I am a stay at home Dad, from England, living in Malaysia. Talking about how we survive the heat, the cultural differences, the lifestyle changes, the travel and lots more challenges that being a stay at home Dad in a foreign country brings.

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