Fraser’s Hill with Young Children

If you and the family are looking to avoid the scorching heat of Kuala Lumpur for a few days take a trip up to Fraser’s Hill with your young children. As you climb into the mountains, the temperature drops considerably. We saw the thermometer hit 21 °C at one point, a world away from what we’re used to.

Fraser’s Hill is about a two-hour drive from the centre of KL though the majority of that will be driving the seemingly never-ending hair-pin turns you will have to negotiate on the way up.

fraser's hill

A couple of days in Fraser’s Hill with young children is very easy to arrange yourself, there’s no real need to use a tour operator. Once you’re there, whilst it is not massive, there is plenty to do and you can find yourself around no problem.

If you’re interested in the history of Fraser’s Hill, have a read of this. If you’re looking for a way to get out of the heat and let your kids run around with having to change their clothes every five minutes due to excessive sweating, read on…

Getting There

Car Hire – If you don’t own a car, I would definitely recommend hiring one. Car hire is pretty cheap in Malaysia and we have used Green Matrix Car Hire quite often or Socar is becoming more popular for short term rentals. Both are very affordable and easy to use.

Taxi – If you’re staying overnight, you may struggle to find a taxi driver who will only do the one-way journey. If you’re only going up for the day (which I probably wouldn’t recommend) then arrange for your driver to take you up and back.

Bus – There is an option to take the bus to Raub and then get a taxi across to Fraser’s Hill this will take a long time and is certainly not a direct route, but is doable if your only option.

Where to stay

There are varying options in terms of budget of hotels, Airbnb and homestays. We stayed here, there were four adults and four children, plenty of space and the views were amazing.

Wherever you choose, you just want to be close-ish to the town centre (and by that I mean the clock tower). A lot of the accommodation providers in Raub come up when you’re searching but don’t be fooled by that fact these places are ‘only’ 7-8 miles from the centre, with the windy roads, this will take a good chunk out of your day driving there and back. Stay in Fraser’s Hill if you can.

What To Do

Ok so you’ve managed to get to the top of the hill, you’ve dropped your bags off at your accommodation and you’ve located the clock tower.

Sure, queue up for your selfie with the tower if you’re that way inclined. A lot of guide books have this as ‘One of the main things to do in Frasers Hill’.

There are definitely better things to do in Fraser’s Hill with your young children than taking a photo of a clock!

First off, head across to the tourist information shop just over the road from the tower and pick up a free map and list of ‘things to do’.

Or, print this off. We went in September 19 so prices correct as of that date.

fraser's hill map
The little green square is the Tourism Centre. The two arrows show the one-way system in and out of Fraser’s Hill
fraser's hill what to do
fraser's hill what to do

What We Did

We spent two days, one night here and managed to fit a lot in. The main thing we wanted to take advantage of though is, being outside all day. Living in Kuala Lumpur, the temperatures just don’t really allow that but up here you can be outside for as long as you want! You might get even a bit cold at times, imagine that!

fraser's hill

If you can see all the little speech bubbles on the map, those are the forest trails and are of varying length. We only had time to do the Hemment Trail and Bishops Trail, they took about 20-30 minutes and were easy enough with all the kids on our trip ranging from 2-4, plus a baby. Don’t even think about taking a pram though, that’s not happening. For a more in-depth look into each trail, have a read of this.

Fraser's hill trail with kids

With the Hemment Trail under our belt, we headed off to look for some food and stumbled across ‘Ye Olde Smokehouse’. A traditional English pub, sort of.

ye olde smokehouse fraser's hill

It served pies and bottled real ale. There is a kids menu but be aware that ‘Fish Fingers’ just means exactly that. There will be no accompanying beans or anything. Just a plate of battered fish, prepare to ask for tomato ketchup!

The food was ok, for us it was the novelty of having something which resembled food from our home country. It wasn’t cheap compared to the various other restaurants, which admittedly there aren’t loads.

For a more local experience, we did poke our heads in here and it looked half-decent.

fraser's hill
fraser's hill

After lunch, we found the playground and crazy golf area. The kids loved it, in particular, this (sort of) slide…

fraser's hill

They would have stayed on this all day if we had let them. Who would have thought two angled metal bars could provide so much entertainment!

fraser's hill

A walk around the town and a pot of strawberries and ice cream completed the first day.

Day 2 and the kids were up wanting to go horse riding. It was a bit of a walk from the centre and as you’re walking along the main road you think you’re heading out into the middle of nowhere, but you’re not, keep going and you will get there. Then after the Bishops Trail, we headed back to the playground and had lunch and ice cream at one of the local establishments.

fraser's hill train with kids

After lunch and before heading home we drove out to Jeraiu Waterfall, shown on the top left of the map. Whilst it was a 20-minute drive in the wrong direction round it was definitely worth it.

fraser's hill

When you arrive and park up there’s another 20-minute walk to get the waterfall in view and a few more steps to actually get to the base. There were plenty of people paddling in the water so we decided to join in. It’s cold, mind!

Jeriau Waterfall

L had never been underneath a waterfall before so we figured we’d take the opportunity! I’d recommend taking a change of clothes! I didn’t have anything for me so had the endure the whole trip home in soaking wet clothes, it was worth it though!

Jeriau Waterfall
On our way from under the waterfall, feezing cold and soaking wet!

After this we began our descent down the mountain, getting down takes longer than getting up due to the one-way system meaning you’re on the road for about half an hour more. Our trip back was about 2.5 hours.

Overall Fraser’s Hill with young children was excellent and its location relatively close to Kuala Lumpur makes it an easy escape to the cooler temperatures when compared to Cameron Highlands.

You don’t need to pay a tour guide. Hire a car, get on or Airbnb and sort your accommodation and get going!

I am a stay at home Dad, from England, living in Malaysia. Talking about how we survive the heat, the cultural differences, the lifestyle changes, the travel and lots more challenges that being a stay at home Dad in a foreign country brings.

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