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Moving Abroad with Kids – A Checklist

Ok, so you and your family have made the decision to move abroad. Great. You’ve also found a job or potential job. Brilliant! Ok. What now? Well, we have been in the exact same position recently when we moved from the UK to Malaysia with our two young kids and I can almost guarantee we’ll have been asking the same questions and facing the same anxieties that you...


Who Works Harder – Working Parent or Stay at Home Parent?

Who Works Harder – Working Parent or Stay at Home Parent? Having worked in the corporate world and been a stay at home dad, I would now say I’m pretty qualified to answer this question that has no doubt been the topic of discussion in many households. My Corporate Life 18 months ago, I was working in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, England for one of the...


How Peanuts Taught Me A Life Lesson

We recently took the kids on a trip around Sri Lanka. This is not about the trip, but you can read about that here, it is an amazing country. Anyway, what this is about is, how I and many others, got caught up a great big peanut scam and in the process, learnt a valuable life lesson. Whilst on our travels around the country, we heard about an...